Saturday, June 05, 2004

Irish Beef Stew

Morning (breakfast, snack):

  • half decaf coffee*
  • Quaker Squares cereal with skim milk

Afternoon (lunch, snack):

  • LO tortellini with basil pesto
  • three golf ball-sized tomatoes
  • skim milk
  • half of a whole wheat bagel, toasted, with peanut butter

Evening (supper, dessert/snack): at the Greek, Irish, and Scottish pavillions at Mosaic

  • Yemista (green pepper stuffed with a savoury mixture of rice, herbs, and spices) and part of a Greek sausage
  • Irish Beef Stew, half of a bun with butter, part of a potato cake, scone with whipped cream
  • one Coor's Light beer
  • one shortbread cookie
  • fresh lemonade (I juiced 7 lemons and added 1 cup of sugar and 7 cups of water)
  • three red licorice
  • one A Marca Bavaria beer


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