Friday, May 28, 2004

Banana Nut Bread

Morning (breakfast, snack):

  • half decaf coffee*
  • toasted whole wheat bagel with margarine and Seville orange spread
  • a couple handfuls of Lightly Dressed Cheerios Snack Mix

Afternoon (lunch, snack):

  • Tim Horton's egg salad and lettuce sandwich on a whole wheat bun
  • skim milk
  • Tim Horton's decaf coffee*
  • one bite of a honey dip donut
  • two red licorice
  • one cereal square

Evening (supper, dessert/snack):

  • lettuce salad (green leafy lettuce, chopped red pepper, and Salad Sensations slivered almonds) with Renee's Buttermilk Ranch dressing
  • LO Cheesy Pasta Frittata with tomato-basil salsa and ham
  • mini fudgesicle
  • skim milk
  • three small squares of Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar
  • three slices of Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread :-) (delicious!)
  • small bowl of Miss Vickies Lime & Black Pepper chips
    This Value Recipes (Eat Healthy. Live Happy.) web site (where I found the banana nut bread recipe) looks like it may be worth further exploration.


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