Friday, June 25, 2004

Pasta and Sauce

Morning (breakfast, snack):

  • half decaf coffee*
  • toasted whole wheat bagel with peanut butter
  • skim milk
  • Yoplait Fruit & Creme Sunny Fruit yogurt
  • watermelon

Afternoon (lunch, snack):

  • LO bison stir fry with noodles
  • skim milk
  • a Jonagold apple with Litehouse Fat Free Caramel Apple Dip
  • handful of pretzel sticks

Evening (supper, dessert/snack):

  • whole wheat rotini with meat sauce (Classico Spicy Red Pepper pasta sauce with ground bison) and a little light parmesan cheese
  • peas and corn with a little butter, salt, and pepper
  • skim milk
  • Jell-O Fat Free caramel pudding
  • one each of bittersweet, extra dark, and milk chocolate wafers
  • Tim Horton's decaf coffee*


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