Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hot Dog

Morning (breakfast, snack):

  • half decaf coffee*
  • Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Multibran Cereal with skim milk
  • oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon

Afternoon (lunch, snack):

  • Red Lentil Soup (from the freezer)
  • skim milk
  • Tim Horton's decaf coffee*
  • lots of cherries

Evening (supper, dessert/snack):

  • hot dog: grilled Schneider's 100% Beef Juicy Jumbo on a (partly) whole wheat bun with mustard
  • Kraft Dinner White Cheddar
  • two golf ball-sized tomatoes
  • skim milk
  • vanilla yogurt with roasted flax seed
  • a Marca Bavaria beer with a wedge of lime
  • a small bowl of pretzel sticks


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